Donwrocks is an Electro project conceived by Kapi, a Bboy that was Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1971. His family emigrate to Spain one year later and was establish in Barcelona city in 1982 where he is still living.
Kept interest in black music in 1983 and found Hip Hop through the Breakdance boom appeared in Europe in 1984.
He bought his first machine in 1988 and at early 90's he was already experienced user of Cubase sequencer and the Akai samplers.
First was Electro music, after was Funk-Breaks and finally Rap, but this genres were always loyal companions to his love for bboying and writing Graffiti.
Nowadays he stills produce and bring live Electro surrounded by a great Electro community up in his city.





More information about Kapi:

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